Meet the Writers

Bailey Thomas calls herself a Brooklynite by way of Oklahoma City, now closing in on a year living in the Big Apple. If you name it, she most likely watches it. When she isn’t wandering the city and snacking at food trucks, she splits her time between working retail and, more recently, working for an educationally-centered start-up in NYC. Her favorite show of all time is LOST, which she maintains was mostly all planned in advance—and adds that this is probably the reason she loves Doctor Who as much as she does. She writes a personal blog about city life at Mustard Ampersand. Follow her on Twitter at @baileymichelle.

Chevy Carter is a college graduate and aspiring screenwriter. His love of episodic television began at an early age when the start of each day was marked not by the rising sun but the guitar riffs in the opening of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. While he has yet to break free of his Oklahoma shackles, Chevy hopes to move away to pursue a writing career in television—the ultimate narrative medium. His dream is to become the next Joss Whedon, creator of his favorite show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. If he were to stumble upon a magical lamp, one of his wishes would be a channel that solely aired late 90s and early 2000s WB shows. He is currently in the pre-production stages of filming the pilot of a television concept he has been working on for the last few years.

Caroline Miller
is a liberal studies grad working at a big oil company in downtown Oklahoma City. Her love affair with TV began in Stars Hollow, where Rory Gilmore showed her that being the smart girl was as much about quoting The Breakfast Club as Dostoevsky.  Incidentally, her caffeine addiction also has similar roots.  She believes stories are driven by characters rather than plot, and would cite Seinfeld if you tried to tell her differently.  These days you can find her obsessing over NBC Thursdays and Breaking Bad.  When she isn’t fervently plowing through her Netflix instant queue, she can usually be found shopping for vintage sewing patterns on Etsy or naming her iTunes playlists after Harry Potter spells.  Should you want to reach her, or challenge her ability to guess someone’s height, you could do so at

Kailee Davis is a TV lover that somehow managed to obtain a college degree despite the obscene amount of TV she watches. Over the years her television taste evolved from Lambchop, to Lizzie McGuire, to almost any single-camera sitcom NBC puts in front of her. Most of her time is currently dedicated to watching Community episodes over and over again and hating herself for not noticing the Beetlejuice joke until entertainment blogs pointed it out. In addition she loves awards shows, lists cheesy TLC shows as her guilty pleasure, and watches Conan and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon every single night because she has no life. Follow her on twitter at @kaileedavis.

Joshua McCoy is a 21-year old student and aspiring actor currently living in Oklahoma, though he can more often than not be found discussing or watching television over doing his homework. After missing out on so many classic shows when he was younger, Josh appears to have made it his mission to watch every single show that is on TV currently. If you think you can best his knowledge of American Idol, you are wrong, but you are welcome to try by tweeting at him @JoshuaMac22.


Neda D is a lover of the small screen. Her obsession with television, paired with her insatiable thirst for writing, fueled her passion to tell the world her feelings and opinions about TV shows that she loves. Her favorite shows are Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development, which probably account for both her dry sense of humor and extremely sunny disposition. Her love of television was formulated when a small group of office workers in Scranton, Pennsylvania showed her the true meaning of comedy and character development. Since then, she had devoured pretty much every single-camera NBC sitcom and has matured into a full-fledged comedy nerd.

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