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“Don’t you just find Mindy Kaling, like, really annoying, though?” and other things I find, like, really annoying.

First of all, let’s just start this post by reminding everyone that The Mindy Project is my favorite new comedy of the season, and that I love Mindy Kaling more than I love a lot of things. I know that she is vaguely unpopular on the Internet, for reasons that are valid and reasons that are subjective, but when I ask people why they don’t like her, the general response is that she’s “annoying” or “talks about herself too much.” Now, I don’t know Mindy Kaling personally, but–wait a second, I’m pretty sure that neither do you. Let’s have a talk about separating ladies from personas.

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Recap: SNL 2/11/12 – Zooey Deschanel with Karmin

Haters to the left, I adore Zooey and I thought she killed it this week. Aside from the mysteriously missing Bill Hader (except for pre-taped sketches) and Kenan Thompson (except for the goodnights), the rest of the cast really brought it as well to perform an awesome episode.

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Why the Bro Pack on ‘New Girl’ Makes it a Must-Watch

New Girl is a new show to the 2011-12 season that constantly toes the line between funny and too sweet to be funny, though it has yet to really fall on the wrong side of the line. And maybe it’s just me – maybe the things I find laugh-out-loud hilarious aren’t what other people find […]

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