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Why I Watch: Girls

No show is without its problems, and Girls is probably one of the best examples of this. The show, and creator Lena Dunham, have come under a lot of fire recently for the inability to incorporate diversity into the show’s cast. There have been several other criticisms for the show as well, which begs the question: why do I watch it?

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happy endings

Why I Watch: Happy Endings

Happy Endings, the show with an almost-but-not-quite questionable name, a stellar cast, and writing that busts guts the world over – and yet, it’s also the show that averages 4 mil viewers per week. It’s one of the best shows on television right now, so why isn’t everyone watching it? This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while, but now that the season two finale has aired, I think it’s the right time. This post, unlike others on this site, doesn’t contain any majorly huge spoilers, so if you’re wondering what the big deal is with Happy Endings, you’re free to read through – please do, in fact.

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Why You Need to Watch Community

We’re but a few days away from Community‘s highly anticipated return from hiatus. Obviously Community has a very dedicated fanbase, so the show’s problem is not keeping old fans—the trouble is gaining new ones. Here is why you, dearest reader, need to start watching Community even if you had never dreamt of doing so before.

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Why I’ll Fly Pan Am Until It Crashes

This post is probably futile as Pan Am is almost sure to soon be cancelled, or at least not renewed for a second season; but I just need to profess my love for Pan Am before it really is too late.

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Why I Watch: Doctor Who

Nerd alert: I’m about to get into some serious science fiction stuff over here. Truly, I never thought you’d catch me claiming that a children’s show is genius; however, I think that may be because, for one, I don’t watch much children’s television, and second, American children’s television isn’t as grown-up as Doctor Who (and from what I’ve heard, most British children’s television in general). Never before have I heard of a show that transitioned so well for children and adults. I mean, really, Neil Gaiman loves Doctor Who (and wrote a fantastic episode), so how can you argue with that?

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