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“Don’t you just find Mindy Kaling, like, really annoying, though?” and other things I find, like, really annoying.

First of all, let’s just start this post by reminding everyone that The Mindy Project is my favorite new comedy of the season, and that I love Mindy Kaling more than I love a lot of things. I know that she is vaguely unpopular on the Internet, for reasons that are valid and reasons that are subjective, but when I ask people why they don’t like her, the general response is that she’s “annoying” or “talks about herself too much.” Now, I don’t know Mindy Kaling personally, but–wait a second, I’m pretty sure that neither do you. Let’s have a talk about separating ladies from personas.

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Looking Ahead: SNL Season 38

The new season of SNL starts this Saturday, and in true Lorne Michaels fashion, this season’s new cast members have only just been announced, and it has also only just been announced that Jason Sudeikis will return for this season. Also in true Lorne fashion, some casting news is yet to be made—Will Taran Killam, […]

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Recap: 30 Rock 6×08 – The Tuxedo Begins

If there’s one thing 30 Rock knows how to do, it’s how to describe and depict the trials and tribulations of New York. Liz kicks off the episode with complaining to Jack via cell phone that her subway ride “was the standard amazingness,”—which of course means the subway car was too packed for her to […]

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Recap: 30 Rock 6×03 & 6×04 – Idiots Are People Three! & The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell

Since 30 Rock is squeezing a full episode line-up in a mid-season slot, we were treated to not one, but two 30 Rock episodes on Thursday! I certainly did not mind one bit. Idiots Are People Three! The first episode was a continuation of last week’s antics, but made even sweeter because it brought the return of my favorite […]

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Recap: 30 Rock 6×01 & 6×02 – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching & Idiots Are People Two!

I don’t know if I was more excited for the return of Liz Lemon, or to see the return of John McEnroe and D’Fwan on the show as judges on America’s Kidz Got Singing! Either way, January 12th could not come soon enough. Maybe I’m excited about 30 Rock, or maybe I’m in a good mood because I’m not being weighed down by redundant torso fabric.

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The Weekly Night Owl: Jan. 9 – 13

Go to bed early?  Don’t worry–each week I’ll share the highlights of my two favorite late night talk shows, Conan and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Conan Tim Tebow was a big topic this week (as always, these days), and on Monday’s show Conan’s Peanut Players gave us a reenactment of Sunday night’s game. With the […]

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