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Mockingbird Lane: A Reboot That Works

Mockingbird Lane may have been pushed out as a one-time special, but this darkly fun family drama deserves an entire series.

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Pilot Review: The New Normal

The pilot’s been posted online for a while now, but I finally sat down and watched this show. If you’re looking for a plot rollercoaster that makes pit stops for Gwyneth Paltrow cameos and is driven by a mother who’s a child, a child who’s a woman, and gay guys; this show is for you!

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Pilot Review: Animal Practice

Although it seems that NBC may be undergoing a year of serious comedy change-up, I was heartened when they started putting their new pilots online early. Even moreso when I watched Go On (hashtag #goon because someone didn’t think that one through) and realized that it was really, really good. Like, I’m going to add it to my very selective Watch This Live list for the fall, really, really good. And then I found the pilot of Animal Practice on Hulu and decided, “Hey, I thought I would hate Go On and I loved it, so let’s just give this baby a spin.” And within thirty seconds of putting it on, I knew I had been so, so wrong.

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go on title

Pilot Review: Go On

To partially quote Britta Perry: as a licensed psychology major, I have deemed myself qualified to review this show.

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