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“Don’t you just find Mindy Kaling, like, really annoying, though?” and other things I find, like, really annoying.

First of all, let’s just start this post by reminding everyone that The Mindy Project is my favorite new comedy of the season, and that I love Mindy Kaling more than I love a lot of things. I know that she is vaguely unpopular on the Internet, for reasons that are valid and reasons that are subjective, but when I ask people why they don’t like her, the general response is that she’s “annoying” or “talks about herself too much.” Now, I don’t know Mindy Kaling personally, but–wait a second, I’m pretty sure that neither do you. Let’s have a talk about separating ladies from personas.

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My Picks for Fall: The Top Three

As we get into the season this fall, we of course have a whole new set of shows to test the waters. With staples like 30 Rock and The Office crossing over after this season, and the realization that a standard like House isn’t returning, I’ve been perusing the new array more carefully than usual. We’re going to have some pretty big shoes to fill this year, but somehow it feels like we’ve been given exactly what we need.

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