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Pilot Review: GCB 1×01

GCB, as its title finally wound up, was one of my most highly-anticipated mid-season freshman shows for 2012. Though I’m not a fan of Desperate Housewives nor any of the Bravo franchises, each trailer still kept me hopeful. Before we begin, though, I should admit that the reason I was looking forward to this was that I grew up in Oklahoma City (which is due north of Dallas by about four hours, for those of you geographically-challenged). Though it’s a more toned-down version of the GCB world, I’m not going to say that this show oversteps its bounds by too much. All the same, I’m not sure that being a good parody of Texas and Big Oil will make this a good show.

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CULT: Olive Snook of Pushing Daisies

The facts were these: Another perfect show that fell prey to being too brilliant for its time, the precocious half-hour comedy that was Pushing Daisies also contained one of the best hidden gems: Olive Snook, played by Kristen Chenoweth. Welcome to CULT, the column to celebrate the best under-appreciated ladies on the small screen.

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