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Why I Watch: Girls

No show is without its problems, and Girls is probably one of the best examples of this. The show, and creator Lena Dunham, have come under a lot of fire recently for the inability to incorporate diversity into the show’s cast. There have been several other criticisms for the show as well, which begs the question: why do I watch it?

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What I Watched This Summer: Bailey Catches Up

It’s been a pretty quiet summer here at ABPW, but we’re getting ready to ramp up for the fall season–noticed our new layout and Twitter account? One of my favorite things to do in school was always writing the “what I did this summer” essay, and as a blogger, that hasn’t faded. It’s been a pretty grueling summer for me, but somehow I still managed to watch a stupid amount of television.

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It’s like Girls is trying to wink at me, and I don’t want to wink back.

By now, you’ve probably heard that HBO’s new sweetheart show, Girls, was not well-received by the general public, for a variety of reasons. The pilot was ripped apart as a meaningless attempt to capture the voice of a generation lost in the present, complete with a side of casual accepted racism. I thought I’d wait it out and see the second episode before I made my statement, and, well, here we are. This is a post about how this show is trying to say that I’m “one of the ladies” and I am saying that I am definitely not one of the Girls.

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