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Recap: Parks and Recreation 4×18 – “Lucky”

Parks and Rec hits another home run, proving once and for all that we are the lucky ones for having this show in our lives.

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Recap: Parks and Recreation 4×16 – “Sweet Sixteen”

For Jerry’s Leap Day birthday, the Parks Department (but mostly Leslie) plans a special surprise at Donna’s vacation home. Drunkenness, fighting couples, and incoherent singing ensue.

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Recap: Parks and Rec 4×12 – Campaign Ad

Is there a bad episode of Parks? There just isn’t. To be honest, I was a little worried by the major plot arc of this season, Leslie’s run for city council. I was worried it would take away from the other characters, that it would cause Leslie to regress to somewhat, that the tone of the show would shift. Clearly, I should have known better. This season has refused to back down in any way, and I love it.

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Leslie Knope: The Shining Star of Pawnee

When I started watching Parks and Recreation about a year ago, I didn’t have high hopes.  I wasn’t the biggest Amy Poehler fan going in, but I sum that up mostly to the fact that my exposure to her had been a theatrical preview for “Baby Mama” in which she peed in a sink.  My […]

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