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Recap: SNL 5/19/12 – Mick Jagger with Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, and Jeff Beck

I finally got a chance to catch up on what we all now know was Kristen Wiig’s final episode in her 7-season SNL career (cue the tears). Let’s dig in and see if her final showing was all we hoped it would be.

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Recap: SNL 5/5/12 – Eli Manning with Rihanna

Once again, Eli Manning’s got a lot to live up to based on older brother Peyton Manning, who I’d consider to be the best athlete host yet (I mean, remember the United Way digital short?). Let’s see if Eli lives up to his brother’s standard.

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Recap: SNL 4/15/12 – Josh Brolin with Gotye

Cold Open: Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg sit in a bar as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, celebrating Mitt’s inevitable nomination for president, and decide to go all out—by having a napkin and chocolate shake, of course. Slowly all the other former Republican frontrunners stop by, and I thought it was a fun idea for […]

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Recap: SNL 4/8/12 – Sofia Vergara with One Direction

Finally after a three week hiatus we get a new SNL episode AND a new featured player, Kate McKinnon—who makes an excellent first showing, but more on that later.

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Recap: SNL 3/10/12 – Jonah Hill with The Shins

Cold Open: I’m beginning to think there is literally nothing that Taran Killam can’t do. You would think Jason Sudeikis would be the go-to guy to play Rush Limbaugh, but Taran did it perfectly. Taran’s Rush tells (barks at?) the audience about the loss of some of his sponsors (including those sluts at TurboTax and […]

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Recap: SNL 3/3/12 – Lindsay Lohan with Jack White

I’m not sure I would call Lindsay Lohan’s return to SNL “highly anticipated”…but as star of The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, America is always waiting to welcome her back with open arms.

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