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My Picks for Fall: The Top Three

As we get into the season this fall, we of course have a whole new set of shows to test the waters. With staples like 30 Rock and The Office crossing over after this season, and the realization that a standard like House isn’t returning, I’ve been perusing the new array more carefully than usual. We’re going to have some pretty big shoes to fill this year, but somehow it feels like we’ve been given exactly what we need.

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What I Watched This Summer: Bailey Catches Up

It’s been a pretty quiet summer here at ABPW, but we’re getting ready to ramp up for the fall season–noticed our new layout and Twitter account? One of my favorite things to do in school was always writing the “what I did this summer” essay, and as a blogger, that hasn’t faded. It’s been a pretty grueling summer for me, but somehow I still managed to watch a stupid amount of television.

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Recap: Castle 4×16 – “Linchpin”

Holy two-parter. The Castle writers did not disappoint on the show’s annual two-part event, which was packed with unexpected twists that left us guessing until the last minute. And it wouldn’t be Castle without a few moments of “Will They/Won’t They” tension between our star crossed writer and detective.

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Recap: Once Upon A Time 1×11 – Fruit of The Poisonous Tree

Greetings Fairytale Friends and welcome to my first official OUAT episode recap. I apologize for the tardiness but I couldn’t decide exactly how I wanted to structure these. After much deliberation and DVR-ing, I have decided to first look at the segment from The Enchanted Forest, then Storybrooke’s. Before we dive in, let me just […]

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Why I Watch: Once Upon A Time

While this Sunday eve marks the end of the weekend, it also brings us another episode of my favorite freshman drama, Once Upon A Time. Blending classical fairy tale characters with contemporary storytelling, OUAT quickly became my LOST substitute. Don’t worry 815 survivors, I said substitute. Not replacement. So before tonight’s episode, I thought I’d […]

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Small Screened: ABC’s The River, premiering Feb. 7

On Thursday night, I had the extreme pleasure of screening the first two episodes of ABC’s highly-anticipated new paranormal adventure drama The River, which airs February 7th. The plot? Beloved nature show television host Dr. Emmet Cole has disappeared without a trace into an obscure part of the Amazon while filming with a small crew, and six months later, his family has given him a funeral and all but let him go – until his rescue beacon activates in an uncharted area of the river, known among locals as the Bouina. Now the race is on to find Emmet while staying alive in a part of the Amazon with a certain slightly terrifying flair for the supernatural.

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