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The Office Effect and the Appeal of Workplace Comedies

It’s no secret that workplace comedies have become a staple to the comedy community. Shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Veep, and the newly introduced Animal Practice all have the commonality of their work-centered plots. I recently realized how most of my comedy favorites follow this trend and wondered what exactly it is about the workplace that is so appealing as to center an entire show around it. Let’s discuss.

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Recap: Parks and Recreation 4×18 – “Lucky”

Parks and Rec hits another home run, proving once and for all that we are the lucky ones for having this show in our lives.

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Recap: Parks and Recreation 4×16 – “Sweet Sixteen”

For Jerry’s Leap Day birthday, the Parks Department (but mostly Leslie) plans a special surprise at Donna’s vacation home. Drunkenness, fighting couples, and incoherent singing ensue.

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Recap: Parks and Rec 4×12 – Campaign Ad

Is there a bad episode of Parks? There just isn’t. To be honest, I was a little worried by the major plot arc of this season, Leslie’s run for city council. I was worried it would take away from the other characters, that it would cause Leslie to regress to somewhat, that the tone of the show would shift. Clearly, I should have known better. This season has refused to back down in any way, and I love it.

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Leslie Knope: The Shining Star of Pawnee

When I started watching Parks and Recreation about a year ago, I didn’t have high hopes.  I wasn’t the biggest Amy Poehler fan going in, but I sum that up mostly to the fact that my exposure to her had been a theatrical preview for “Baby Mama” in which she peed in a sink.  My […]

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