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Emmy-Nominated Weekend: Mad Men

It may not be the weekend anymore, but my head is still reeling from the announcement of Emmy nominations. Emmy-Nominated Weekend extended—let’s jump into Mad Men. Mad Men is tied this Emmys season with American Horror Story (entered in the Miniseries categories) for having the most nominations this year—a staggering 17 apiece. Advertisements

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Never Fear, the Hiatus Master List is Here!

If you’re anything like me, you are probably suffering at the current moment from a mostly unnamed and unacknowledged illness. It’s when you suffer withdrawals from your favorite TV shows because they take breaks from their weekly airtime. And yes, it is a real thing. Hiatus weeks are never fun since we don’t get the weekly dose of our favorite shows, but they can also be a great time to catch up on other shows that are about to pick up again. Feeling bored during your favorite TV show hiatuses? With some of the best shows taking breaks from their time slots, here are just five shows that you can watch to pass the time and prep for upcoming seasons!

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