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Why I Watch: Girls

No show is without its problems, and Girls is probably one of the best examples of this. The show, and creator Lena Dunham, have come under a lot of fire recently for the inability to incorporate diversity into the show’s cast. There have been several other criticisms for the show as well, which begs the question: why do I watch it?

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It’s like Girls is trying to wink at me, and I don’t want to wink back.

By now, you’ve probably heard that HBO’s new sweetheart show, Girls, was not well-received by the general public, for a variety of reasons. The pilot was ripped apart as a meaningless attempt to capture the voice of a generation lost in the present, complete with a side of casual accepted racism. I thought I’d wait it out and see the second episode before I made my statement, and, well, here we are. This is a post about how this show is trying to say that I’m “one of the ladies” and I am saying that I am definitely not one of the Girls.

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