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It’s Emmy Night 2012!

Hey kids, it’s officially Emmy night, and your crew at ABPW is ready to tackle it. Be sure you’ve read up on all of our Emmy-Nominated Weekend posts to get a refresher on who’s nominated as well as our picks, and join us on Twitter at @ABPWblog for live tweets from Bailey and Kailee about the event tonight.

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Emmy-Nominated Weekend: Mad Men

It may not be the weekend anymore, but my head is still reeling from the announcement of Emmy nominations. Emmy-Nominated Weekend extended—let’s jump into Mad Men. Mad Men is tied this Emmys season with American Horror Story (entered in the Miniseries categories) for having the most nominations this year—a staggering 17 apiece.

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Emmy-Nominated Weekend: Downton Abbey

Now that we’ve thoroughly gone over every single one of the comedy nominations, it’s time to talk about the snubs. Since only a few can actually garner nominations, it’s no question that there will be at least dozens of outraged fans, especially in the comedy category, long known for nominating shows that maybe don’t necessarily seem comedic. Yes, Glee, I’m looking at you. But if you’re mad and you want to talk about it, consider this your soap box.

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Emmy-Nominated Weekend: Who Got Snubbed

As part of ABPW’s Emmy-Nominated Weekend, I think it’s important that we acknowledge those shows and actors who did fantastic jobs in the past year, yet did not receive much—or any—Emmy love. In this post, I’ll list a few of the people who were robbed of Emmy gold, as well as shows that were snubbed of praise. As always, we want to know what you think!

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Emmy-Nominated Weekend: The Dramas

As part of ABPW’s Emmy-Nominated Weekend, this post is to talk about the drama nominations. To see our thoughts on the comedy noms, click here and let us know what you think! Now, let’s get down to business and talk about these noms. Because if there were ever a time to talk cable v network, it’s now.

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Emmy-Nominated Weekend: The Comedies

As part of ABPW’s Emmy-Nominated Weekend, let’s chat about the comedy nominations for this year’s Emmy awards. For half a second, I thought I should start with the dramas, but then I realized that I should start where my passions lie: with the comedies, of course. In this post, I’ll break down the categories with my opinions, and do the same for dramas later today. As always, sound off in the comments–what do you think?

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