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Why I Watch: Girls

No show is without its problems, and Girls is probably one of the best examples of this. The show, and creator Lena Dunham, have come under a lot of fire recently for the inability to incorporate diversity into the show’s cast. There have been several other criticisms for the show as well, which begs the question: why do I watch it?

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The Office Effect and the Appeal of Workplace Comedies

It’s no secret that workplace comedies have become a staple to the comedy community. Shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Veep, and the newly introduced Animal Practice all have the commonality of their work-centered plots. I recently realized how most of my comedy favorites follow this trend and wondered what exactly it is about the workplace that is so appealing as to center an entire show around it. Let’s discuss.

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Emmy-Nominated Weekend: Who Got Snubbed

As part of ABPW’s Emmy-Nominated Weekend, I think it’s important that we acknowledge those shows and actors who did fantastic jobs in the past year, yet did not receive much—or any—Emmy love. In this post, I’ll list a few of the people who were robbed of Emmy gold, as well as shows that were snubbed of praise. As always, we want to know what you think!

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Why I Watch: The Newsroom

I’m having a really hard time finding flaws with the new HBO series The Newsroom, created by the well-renowned Aaron Sorkin. With a solid ensemble cast and near exemplary writing, this freshman show has gotten my attention and will not soon lose it.

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More Moynihan Please

As we say goodbye Season 37 of Saturday Night Live, we also lament the sadness that is Kristen Wiig’s exit from the show. However, now that we’ve all had a chance to process Wiig’s tearful goodbye last Saturday, I think it’s important for us to remember that the show still does have some extremely talented cast members that have not necessarily been given the opportunity to shine. One person in particular has stood out to me and I think giving him more screen time is long overdue. I’m talking, of course, about Bobby Moynihan.

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Pilot Review: Veep

There’s no doubt that Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the lead in a comedy about as a less-than-perfect Vice President of the United States and her not-so-put-together staff would be interesting to watch. What I did not expect going into the pilot was how smart it was. From one episode alone, I was enraptured by the incredibly sharp and biting wit in the writing. Pair that with the likes of Upright Citizen Brigade’s Matt Walsh and Arrested Development’s Tony Hale, and you’ve got yourself a downright fantastic workplace sitcom.

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