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Back to the Dance Floor

Greetings blogosphere! it is I, the prodigal Chev. I have returned from the dark cosmos of a creative dry-spell with a short but sweet blurb about last week’s Glee.

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Once Upon a Notion

Okay guys. It’s that time again. In mere hours a new episode of our favorite magical drama will air. Excited? I know I am. In the meantime, I’d like to introduce a new column I’m going to post each Sunday: Once Upon A Notion. Every week, you’ll be treated to a new theory I or […]

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Recap: Once Upon A Time 1×11 – Fruit of The Poisonous Tree

Greetings Fairytale Friends and welcome to my first official OUAT episode recap. I apologize for the tardiness but I couldn’t decide exactly how I wanted to structure these. After much deliberation and DVR-ing, I have decided to first look at the segment from The Enchanted Forest, then Storybrooke’s. Before we dive in, let me just […]

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The Book

Why I Watch: Once Upon A Time

While this Sunday eve marks the end of the weekend, it also brings us another episode of my favorite freshman drama, Once Upon A Time. Blending classical fairy tale characters with contemporary storytelling, OUAT quickly became my LOST substitute. Don’t worry 815 survivors, I said substitute. Not replacement. So before tonight’s episode, I thought I’d […]

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Can't decide who

Smallville, Big Comfort

Bailey and I were talking—and by talking I mean FB chatting—about the site and what we want to do with it. One of the ways we want to be innovative in the TV blogging biz involves traveling to the past. No worries, though. In no way does it involve a frozen ship wheel or the […]

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