What I Watched This Summer: Bailey Catches Up

It’s been a pretty quiet summer here at ABPW, but we’re getting ready to ramp up for the fall season–noticed our new layout and Twitter account? Voted in our fall comedies poll in the sidebar? One of my favorite things to do in school was always writing the “what I did this summer” essay, and as a blogger, that hasn’t faded. It’s been a pretty grueling summer for me, but somehow I still managed to watch a stupid amount of television.

So, let’s have a rundown, shall we? In no particular order, except that this is the order in which I remembered. And for that extra kick, I’ll drop a 10 word max description of my feelings on it.

  • White Collar (USA). Neal and Peter, BroTP. Finger guns at the constant wit.
  • Suits (USA). Who run the world? Jessica Pearson. More finger guns.
  • Teen Wolf (MTV). Feels age inappropriate, still shipping Derek and Stiles forever.
  • The Good Wife (CBS). So that’s why it wins Emmys. Josh Charles, call me.
  • Scandal (ABC). Can I just be Olivia Pope already?
  • The Wire* (HBO). You come at the king, you best not miss.
  • Archer (FX). Everybody. Is. Always. Yelling. Always. LANA!!
  • Buffy (WB/UPN). Well, tried, couldn’t get through the third season.
  • Homeland (Showtime). Couldn’t turn it off, had a lot of feelings.
  • Political Animals (USA). A swing and a double–not a miss, not perfect.
  • Girls (HBO, amended to add). Terrible marketing, gets funnier. Lukewarm, but it has its moments.

Still on the list that I haven’t made it to? Veronica Mars, The X-Files, Dexter, Eureka, Alphas, The Vampire Diaries, and more I can’t come up with now, I’m sure. All in good time, I guess. There will never be enough hours in the day to watch all the shows I want to. That’s why I do my summer marathons, you know? I generally tend to watch dramas in the summer, too, since sitcoms take less of a commitment during the regular season.

Any way you slice it, though, I’m incredibly pumped for the coming weeks and all of the fresh premiers. I’ve got a few shows picked out as my predicted hits, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out this season.

What did you watch this summer? Prep for any of the upcoming fall shows? Let’s hear those lists in the comments!

*Technically, The Wire is still in progress, but it’s more of a long game than the rest, you know? Not something you can bang out six episodes at a time in a few weeks. I’m still overwhelmed by my Wallace feels from season one.


About Bailey

I'm a writer and a feminist. I read a lot of books and I watch a lot of television.

6 Responses to “What I Watched This Summer: Bailey Catches Up”

  1. I definitely watched the entire run of Veronica Mars last summer. If you’re into detective/noir you might like it. I definitely liked it a lot more when I was part of the demographic is was geared toward.

  2. Didn’t you also watch Girls?

    My big catch-ups of the summer/funemployment have been:
    1. New Girl (I no longer hate Zooey, but mostly I love Nick and Schmidt and Winston. And Cece. And True American.)
    2. The Vampire Diaries (I could write so much about how and why this show is undervalued, but until then, I’ll just keep rewatching the final 10 minutes of the Season 3 finale.)
    3. Revenge (So my type of show, and yet I dropped it abruptly with maybe six episodes to go—weird.)
    4. Breaking Bad (Emily Nussbaum calls this “a show that you dread and crave at the same time,” which is 110% accurate; I will not be sorry for it to end.)

    And now I’m working on Gilmore Girls, which is fluffy Y2K fun. 🙂

    • Whoops, I totally did watch Girls! I can’t believe I forgot to include it. Amending now 🙂 I am SO glad you finally watched New Girl – the ensemble is perfect. AND Breaking Bad! Yeah, science!

  3. Didn’t you watch Warehouse 13 this summer too? I’ve watched so much great stuff this summer. Parks and Rec, W13, uhh.. I can’t remember what else. You should watch The Vampire Diaries. It comes back October 11th, which is sad because my sidereel calendar tracker teased me saying it came back next week.

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