Emmy-Nominated Weekend: Mad Men

It may not be the weekend anymore, but my head is still reeling from the announcement of Emmy nominations. Emmy-Nominated Weekend extended—let’s jump into Mad MenMad Men is tied this Emmys season with American Horror Story (entered in the Miniseries categories) for having the most nominations this year—a staggering 17 apiece. Here’s the full list of all of Mad Men‘s nominations:

  • Outstanding Drama Series
  • Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series — Jon Hamm
  • Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series — Elisabeth Moss
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series — Christina Hendricks
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series — Jared Harris
  • Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series — Julia Ormond
  • Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series — Ben Feldman
  • Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series — “The Other Woman”
  • Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series — “The Other Woman”
  • Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series — “Commissions and Fees”
  • Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series — “Far Away Places”
  • Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-Camera Series — “At the Codfish Ball”
  • Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series
  • Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series — “Far Away Places”
  • Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series — “The Phantom”
  • Outstanding Makeup For A Single-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) — “Christmas Waltz”

The biggest buzz about the nominations is that Mad Men is currently tied with Hill Street Blues, The West Wing, and L.A. Law for most wins in the Outstanding Drama Series category (each have won 4 times). SOif Mad Men wins for a fifth time come September, it will hold the record for most Drama Series wins. Clearly, Mad Men is the favorite going into the Emmys for a five-peat in this category; but as I mentioned in my pre-Emmy speculations, Downton Abbey may just be the show to oust Mad Men in this category. I love both shows, but for the sake of shows I like making it into the record books, I’m rooting for Mad Men on this one.

Despite five of the show’s principal actors being nominated multiple times over the years, none of them have won Emmys for their roles. Jon Hamm is certainly most deserving of the cast to finally pull out an Emmy win, but the equally deserving Bryan Cranston (from Breaking Bad) keeps beating him to the punch every year. The season has been pretty quiet overall for the usually very misbehaved Don Draper, so I’m not so sure this will be the year for Hamm to win. But you never know, Don Draper’s dream murder in “Mystery Date” and heartbreaking reaction to Peggy resigning in “The Other Woman” may pull him through. Elisabeth Moss has also had an interesting season, as we watch Peggy deal with her boyfriend, Abe, and deciding to move to another agency that values her talent more, and somehow not breaking down when seeing Don Draper tear up because of it.

In the supporting categories—Christina Hendricks did an amazing job this season portraying my favorite character, Joan Holloway Harris, striking out against her abusive husband, but I just don’t know that anyone can beat Maggie Smith in this category. Jared Harris, on the other hand, has had QUITE a season this year—how I didn’t include him in my Emmy nom speculations, I’ll never know. The season culminated in [SPOILER ALERT] Harris’s character, Lane Pryce, hanging himself. The dramatic loss of one of my favorite characters could possibly be consoled by Harris winning an Emmy for his heart-wrenching season. Julia Ormand’s performance as Megan Draper’s snooty (yet Roger-sexing) mother was good, but I don’t think I’d call it Emmy-worthy. Ben Feldman has also done a good job of being SCDP’s resident Jew (that’s actually brave enough to stand up to Don over creative differences), but also probably not Emmy-worthy yet.

Mad Men makes up three out of the five nominations in the writing category, and for good reason. I have a feeling either “The Other Woman” (where we saw Peggy resigning and Joan being pimped out in order to make a business deal, via a surprise timeline plot twist) or “Commissions and Fees” (the episode depicting Lane’s tragic suicide) will win.

How do you think Mad Men will fare in the Emmys this year? Do you think a cast member finally break out and take home a statue?

Watch the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards’ live broadcast on Sept. 23 at 7/6c hosted by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.

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