Emmy-Nominated Weekend: Who Got Snubbed

As part of ABPW’s Emmy-Nominated Weekend, I think it’s important that we acknowledge those shows and actors who did fantastic jobs in the past year, yet did not receive much—or any—Emmy love. In this post, I’ll list a few of the people who were robbed of Emmy gold, as well as shows that were snubbed of praise. As always, we want to know what you think!

Parks and Recreation, Outstanding Comedy Series

I’m just going to go ahead and get the big one out of the way. Whether or not Parks was set to win the actual Emmy, the fact that it was not even nominated depresses me to no end. Here is a show that had a near stellar season, with flawless acting, beyond hilarious moments, and just the right amount of pathos to make us fall in love with the show without becoming cheesy or dated. I just also need to point out that Parks did get a nomination for Best Lead Actress (Amy Poehler), as well as two writing nominations for “The Debate” and “Win, Lose, or Draw”. How a show can get three nominations in such prominent categories and somehow not be nominated for Best Comedy Series is baffling to me. Anyway, moving on.


Community, Outstanding Comedy Series

Community is clearly a beloved fan favorite, but for some reason continues to strike out at the Emmys. This truly is shocking, seeing as it just finished its strongest and most talked-about season yet. My favorite episode, “Remedial Chaos Theory”, did rightfully get nominated in the writing category. But with such a strong cast, as well as the powerful writing team led by Dan Harmon, it really is a shame that the show has not yet been recognized as a contender for Best Comedy Series.


Nick Offerman, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Year after year, the legendary character of Ron Swanson goes unnoticed, and year after year, I fear that Offerman will fall victim to the same situation as that of Steve Carell. Ron Swanson is iconic and Nick Offerman is a gem who deserves proper recognition for his portrayal of the character. Obviously, Modern Family dominated in the supporting category, which frankly I find a bit unfair. I admit wholeheartedly that those men deserve to be on that list, but by nominating all four every year, the academy robs several incredibly eligible actors from being acknowledged. Indeed, with so many nominations going to Modern Family, there must be some way to compromise and give at least an opportunity for another show’s actor to receive recognition.


Jane Krakowski, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

30 Rock‘s Jenna Maroney is yet another iconic character that has to be acknowledged. Krakowski’s portrayal of Jenna is unparalleled, as we find her haughty and self-righteous, yet also incredibly endearing. Jane Krakowski has indeed been nominated before for her role on the show, so she has at least obtained some recognition, but she continues to shine with each season and frankly, I think this year saw her best performances to date.


Hugh Laurie, Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series

Another Steve Carell situation here. Laurie’s eight-year run on the acclaimed show House has gotten him six nominations throughout the years in the lead actor category, although he never won. However, in the show’s eighth and final season, neither Laurie nor the show received a nomination. I watch House lightly and am not the greatest fan, but I do know with certainty that Laurie’s performance on the show cannot be ignored, especially after ending the series completely. I see how he might have been overlooked though, due to the sheer epic nature of the other nominees.


Of course, there are shows I don’t watch, so there may be many other actors and shows that deserve proper recognition. I understand that The Walking Dead is a fan favorite and many people seem to be surprised by its lack of a nomination in the Best Drama Series category. Many are also saying Eliza Coupe from ABC’s Happy Endings was warranted a nomination. There also seems to be a lot of criticism surrounding Timothy Olyphant’s snub for his role on FX’s Justified.

Who else got robbed during this award season? Who would you like to see take home Emmy gold? Let us know!


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5 Responses to “Emmy-Nominated Weekend: Who Got Snubbed”

  1. Parks and Recreation is such an underrated show! I had never really liked Amy Poeler much before this, and I hadn’t even heard of the show till I got my Hopper DVR. It has this neat little feature, called Primetime Any Time, that records everything on the major networks during primetime hours so, on a whim, I decided to check the show out. I have not stopped watching since, and each episode leaves me laughing harder than the last! All of the characters are so loveable, including April, who is almost exactly like one of my Dish coworkers; it’s unreal! If Parks and Rec didn’t get the nomination, then who did? I honestly couldn’t think of one show that makes me laugh harder!

  2. Obviously Parks & Red not being nominated for as much as it should is a stand out to me, specifically Nick Offerman. Then when I continued to look at the list, I saw nothing for Fringe (I was 100% positive John Noble would get two nominations just because of how great he was this season). Then I saw nothing for Sons of Anarchy? Perhaps one of the best shows on cable, and one of the few shows that has gone against the grain in terms of season to season story telling.

    I am a huge, massive Walking Dead fan so I was disappointed in the lack of nominations (Shane and/or Rick). As much as it’s a ratings hitter, so many people think it’s just a zombie show, but it’s so much more. I bet, like Fringe, most would just toss it aside as some sort of “Sci-Fi/Geek” thing. Of course this past season it seemed like tons of people complained about the slowness, which I happen to think was great.

    Thank the Old Gods for Game of Thrones.

  3. Boo for Parks not being nominated.

  4. Fringe is my big snub this year–again. For whatever reason, genre shows just cannot get any love. This is one of the best shows on TV, and next season will be the last because it airs during the Friday graveyard and can’t seem to get any acclaim. I guess maybe that’s how it is when you have a brilliant show that requires a less episodic format. And, of course, more awards for Parks and Happy Endings, always!

    • I don’t watch Fringe but I think you’ve just convinced me to start! Adding it to my list 🙂
      And yes, genre shows seem to get the short end of the stick.

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