Back to the Dance Floor

Greetings blogosphere! it is I, the prodigal Chev. I have returned from the dark cosmos of a creative dry-spell with a short but sweet blurb about last week’s Glee.

More specifically, a scene from last week’s glee. Even more specifically, a musical number from last week’s episode. A musical  number starring everyone’s favorite Cheerio and Senior Class President, Brittany S. Pierce. The song? I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me).The perfect Brit pick for Glee’s Whitney Houston tribute.

Cards on the table–I have watched this scene/listened to this MP3 probably over fifty times, cumulatively . I mean it’s bordering on a clinical obsession. Now, I could spend probably twice the length of this piece to discuss last week’s hour of Whitney’s greatest hits in its entirety but this two and a half minute scene is what really stuck with me.

First of all, great vocals by by Miss Heather Morris. He-Mo, in crazy fan circles. Whaaat? Never mind. Obviously she can’t compete with the late, great Houston but seriously who can? Heather totally did the song justice, though. She and Naya Rivera (Santana) sounded great together. It was a fun, upbeat update of the classic.

Secondly, the scene was classic Glee. We start the intro at the end of a poignant scene (in this case: Kurt being hit on by a loud nerd named Chandler), cut to a glee club rehearsal and end on the fabulous McKinley High Stage. In lieu of an over-zealous description of every shot in this scene, I’m including it right here. Not only for the sake of my typing fingers and your attention spans, but for its pure awesome, endorphin-creating display of a near-perfect Glee number. Give it a little watch and meet me at the next paragraph.

Okay–did you SEE that spin at 1:30? Re-watch it right now. Look me in the hypothetical eye and tell me that did not blow. your. MIND. She’s in 3-inch heels, people.

Seriously, though. The music video component was wonderfully late 80s-ish with the bows and the stark white background. The dancing might have been some of Heather Morris’ best, which is saying something if you’ve seen ANY number that features her even slightly dance. Seriosuly she could make the Cha-Cha Slide look not lame.But what really pulls everything togetehr–the vocals, the visuals, the silver confetti probably stolen from the Cheerios’ confetti cannons–is the context of the song/scene.

Obviously this is a love song between Brittana. Pat yourself on the back for passing Gleek 101. For a deeper meaning, young padawans, look no further than the song’s title. Dance. Brittany is the dancer (along with Mike, but he had his moment in the West Side Story ep). Dancing is her passion and her identity. Much like writing and daydreaming about the six hits I’ll showrun on various networks is my identity.

In the choir room, Brittany dances  a short period with Mike, Blaine and Joe (don’t get me started on Dreadlocks McGee ). It was all sweet and the whole glee club joined in–yay group dance! Sorry Quinn…but now you know how Artie feels. Good news is your hair has NEVER looked better. Seriously,girl. Anyway, it wasn’t until  Brittany invited Santana to the dance floor when the scene shifted into ultra-glamorous music video mode. With their cute silver dresses and big retro bows.

Cue the smiling and the mind-bowing dance moves. Now obviously you have the LGBT equality message in there–Holla! And, as one of Dorothy’s closest pals, I have to say it was nice to see a non-angsty gay relationship scene. Just a normal expression of love and happiness. Now “normal” to hyou might not include multiple camera angles, a flock of dancing cheerleaders and the covering of an 80s pop classic. Whatever–who am I to judge?

What I mean is, Glee, unlike society (Hey life–imitate art, plz), has reached a point where being gay isn’t a thing. We’re out of the closet, we had a little drama, we sung a few songs about it aaand we’re good. Now Brittana and Klaine can just be couples and not “gay couples”. Brittany is singing a song to the person she loves. She wants to share her passion, her favorite thing in the world with Santana. She wants to dance with her.

I know my sap-o-meter is off the charts right now. I’m okay with it. This scene is a reminder of how good Glee can be. It inspired me out of a months-long case of writer’s block to write this fiendishly long “blurb”. It’s a gay right’s message and a reminder to enjoy the things that make you happy. Brittany’s is dancing. Mine is writing.

What’s yours?

Okay I can’t end with that last line. This batch of nachos has enough cheese…after that metaphor. Anyway, I shall leave you with but one last statement: I’m back to A Big Picture Window. Back to writing. Back to my dance floor. And Glee is still good so keep watching. Graduation is right around the corner!


2 Responses to “Back to the Dance Floor”

  1. Yay!!! Accomplishing things through writing quippy pop culture references–a dream come true! Glad you liked both the article and the Whitney tribute!

  2. You know, I hadn’t watched Glee in over a year. And when you had me watch this music video it piqued my interest and I ended up cozy-ing up on the couch with my sisters and watching the full Whitney tribute ep. It may not be officially back in my weekly rotation yet, but I’m considering catching up. That said, the more important thing is that you’re writing! You’re the best!

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