Why I Watched: LOST

I know I’m kind of late to the party in terms of joining the LOST fandom. But in the past few months, I have caught up on the series and have seen precisely why people are so in love with this show. After finishing the finale, I seem to be caught in a temporary daze and I felt that maybe writing out my feelings might possibly appease my broken heart. So without further ado, let me explain to you once and for all why I will always be LOST.

**no spoilers contained in this post**

It is human nature for us to crave understanding, to want answers. LOST is exactly the opposite of that. So much of the show’s secrets and subtleties are left up to interpretation, so that one is not only forced to think, but also to analyze. The show really is a workout for your brain because you are constantly being exposed to contrasting images, points of view, and personalities. It’s a challenge, for sure, but it’s one that I have never experienced before while watching a television show.

A lot of people stay away from shows like LOST because of the sci-fi factor. I would have said the exact same thing two months ago. In fact, I still say that now. I’m not a sci-fi fan. But LOST goes so far beyond that genre. It’s a show about redemption. It centers around development, build-up, destruction, and restoration. The show is all about the characters and what happens to them. Let me share with you a quote from Evangeline Lilly, who plays the central character Kate Austen on the show. She was asked in an interview about science fiction and its significance to LOST.

“F*** it. I hate it. I’m not a sci-fi person, I don’t care about the mythology of the show. I don’t want to know the answers. I just want to know what happens with the people. I like the character stories, I like the emotional arcs. I like seeing the evolution of these people.”

I can honestly say that I hardly ever find myself attached to so many characters on one television show at one time. In fact, I’ll go on record and say that I do not dislike a single character on LOST. Each one has a story (which the show tells in depth), and each one wins his or her way into your heart. Even the most evil characters have some incredibly redeeming qualities. Similar to Friday Night Lights—which is not so much about football as it is about the relationships of the characters—LOST is about the ability to redeem oneself after a lot of sin and suffering. That’s what the island does for the characters; it protects them, and it heals them.

The acting on LOST is second-to-none. Phenomenal acting is the cornerstone of any TV show, but on LOST it really is something special. I don’t think there’s any further discussion needed on that point. Great acting, great show.

There is never a dull moment. You will never find a point in any episode where nothing is happening or something remains stagnant. There is always development, there is always movement. I saw an interview in which one of the head writers mentioned that this was a goal from the beginning of the show. The point was to have the story move forward at a quick enough pace that the characters (and audience) are perplexed, but gradually enough to allow for substantiated progress and growth. As far as I’m concerned, the writers were spot on with this aspect of the show.

I could really go on all day about my love for LOST, but I hope this should be enough to convince you to watch it. It really is a fabulous show that is masterfully crafted, and I give major props to the writers and creators for coming up with such a powerful concept. It truly is the greatest story ever told.

On behalf of myself and ABPW, I wish you all the best on your LOST adventure. Thank you. Namaste. And good luck.

Do you watch LOST? Have you finished the series? Do you have questions or theories about the ending? Let us know!


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2 Responses to “Why I Watched: LOST”

  1. LOST is probably the most well put together show in television history. I was also late in the game when it came to joining the LOST fandom, but I’m glad I waited until I got to watch them all back-to-back on Netflix. I couldn’t imagine the anxiety in waiting the weeks between episodes or the months between seasons.

    Also loved FNL. All I have to say is: Tim Riggins.

  2. Complete the journey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iggE4ImYwyc
    This is supposed to be funny, but made me cry. Good times.

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