Why You Need to Watch Community

We’re but a few days away from Community‘s highly anticipated return from hiatus. Obviously Community has a very dedicated fanbase, so the show’s problem is not keeping old fans—the trouble is gaining new ones. Here is why you, dearest reader, need to start watching Community even if you had never dreamt of doing so before.

  1. It’s funny. I mean, I don’t know, maybe you like to watch comedies and not laugh. That’s cool, I guess. But if you like to laugh at comedies and, you know, find them funny, this is the show for you. Because it’s funny.
  2. It’s smart. I know what you’re thinking, “But I watch The Big Bang Theory! It says smart things, doesn’t that make it smart?” Uhhhh…not quite. There’s a difference between clever television and television that happens to have nerds on it. Sorry.
  3. Ensemble cast. There are few things I love more in television shows that a true ensemble cast, and WHAT a cast this is. This is one of those shows where I think I would rather chop off one of my own legs than have to pick a favorite character. They are all well-rounded, well thought-out, and hysterically funny. Oh, and one is now an Oscar winner.
  4. Storylines about things you love. Blanket forts? Check. Pulp Fiction? Check. Claymation? Check. Hating Glee? Check. Epic paintball wars? Check Check. And so much more.
  5. It’s for everyone. I think the show has a reputation for having a very young audience, which I’d say is true (and not a bad thing); but I would just like to point out that it’s still enjoyable for all ages. Case in point: my parents love it—they’re actually the ones that first got me to really get into the show. Some people also worry that they won’t enjoy the show because they won’t catch all of its notorious pop culture references, but I’m going to use my mom as an example here (hi Mom!). My mom is not someone that keeps up with very much TV and certainly not with pop culture trivia, and still loves it. Just throwing that out there.
  6. It’s for you pop culture nerds out there. I know you’re there.  Don’t get me wrong—as I said in reason #5, everyone can enjoy and love Community; but I do have to say the love will be that much sweeter if you’re a pop culture nerd that lives for quirky references and full-on movie allegories. You’re gonna love it.

The show’s back on in 2 days, so what do you do? Jumping in cold turkey may seem a little daunting, so I have a suggestion. Of course a series’s pilot is always a good place to start to learn about the characters, the general setting, etc; however, it usually isn’t the best the show has to offer. My suggestion for you is to watch Community‘s season 2 episode 8 entitled “Cooperative Calligraphy.” Why this episode? It’s by far one of my favorite episodes of the second season, it’s a great introduction to all the characters’ personalities, and the main plot isn’t centered on anything that you would have to have seen previous episodes to understand. Oh, and it’s absolutely hilarious. So, get that free trial of Hulu Plus I know you’ve been thinking about getting anyway, watch Cooperative Calligraphy, and let yourself fall in love. Because I know you will.

Here’s a promo for the event of the season—Community returns Thursday March 15 at 8/7c on NBC.

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5 Responses to “Why You Need to Watch Community”

  1. Good catch, guys! I fixed it.

  2. Great read, I love it,keep ’em coming . One thing though episode 2×8 is Cooperative Calligraphy…say hi to your parents for me they are super cool.

  3. Umm, I think you mean Cooperative Calligraphy- not Collaborative. Otherwise, really great article!


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