Community Gets a Return Date, I Call for a National Holiday

Let us all come together as a nation and celebrate the return of Community; whether by krumping, a pop and lock-athon, or just letting out a hearty “Pop pop!”

It was mercifully announced today that TV Guide fan favorite and’s Best Comedy Show of 2011, the massively underwatched and underrated critical darling NBC’s Community (can you tell I love this show?), would return from its mid-season hiatus and continue its third season on March 15.

Since it was announced some 3 months ago that Community would be going on a mid-season hiatus with a mysteriously vague “spring” return date set, Community fans have all been waiting at the edge of their seats to hear a concrete return date announced. The announcement is, of course, wonderful news; but just to ensure NBC wasn’t making its fans too happy, Entertainment Weekly reported that Community‘s return to the Thursday night line-up would mean 30 Rock would be bumped up to the 8:30 time slot and Parks and Recreation would be put on a hiatus until April 19 after Up All Night has finished airing all of its 24 episodes.

I hate that Community‘s return is at the expense of Parks and Rec, but Parks has at least been nominated for some Emmys and has the support of all-powerful Lorne Michaels, making it much much less likely to get cancelled. I’m annoyed, but not worried for Parks‘s future.

Basically, NBC just needs to get its act together. With rumors of this being the last season of The Office, maybe next year will leave NBC with 4 Thursday night comedies and 0 hiatus-juggling. Bailey has already mused on the possibility of introducing a summer season, which isn’t a bad idea either. I am on board for whatever it takes to keep my favorite comedies on the air, even if it means that they air it at 2:00 am instead of reairing the fourth hour of Today.

NBC, help me help you keep quality television on the air.


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