Recap: The Bachelor 16×07

Ben and the remaining six bachelorettes continue their tour of tropical Central America by heading to Belize. This week is the week leading up to visiting the girls’ hometowns, so that’s basically all anyone talks about. This week there are three one-on-one dates, but no roses will be given out on those dates. There is also one group date, where one girl will get a rose and is guaranteed to make it to next week to take Ben to meet her family.

All the rest of the girls groan that with less women around, it basically means the more one-on-one time they have in the house with Courtney. Emily describes Courtney as a shark, that she “likes to sleep a lot and then gets up and attacks, and goes back to bed and you never really know when the next bite is coming.” And trust me, the bites are always coming with this one.

Lindzi is awarded the first one-on-one date. When Ben comes to pick her up from where all the girls are hanging by the pool, basically all the girls stare her down and silently hate her. Ben and Lindzi ride on yet ANOTHER helicopter to the picturesque Blue Hole. It is BEAUTIFUL, y’all.

Instead of just landing like normal people, they must (surprise!) jump from the helicopter into the water. What do you know? Lindzi is scared of heights (surprise!) so Ben pulls another Jigsaw stunt to Saw his way into forcing the girls to face their fears and fall in love with him in the process. Just before they jump, Ben kisses her and Lindzi starts to think she can do this (sound familiar?). Lindzi eventually summons the courage to jump out of the helicopter with Ben, and they bond because they took a leap together—a leap of FAITH. Just like LOVE, you guys! Get it?? Get it? Ok. They have a fancy dinner later while sitting on pillows on a dock, and Ben asks Lindzi if she’s ready to bring him home to her family, and she says she is and admits she’s falling in love with him. Ben says in a talking head he feels like they’re on the same wavelength and he’s also falling in love with her.

Emily gets the second one-on-one date, and Courtney is less than thrilled. Emily meets Ben on an island and they ride bikes into the village, and walk around and enjoy being a couple—even though, as Emily laments, her boyfriend has 5 other girlfriends. They go to pick up some lobster from a lobster catcher (I have no idea if that’s the correct term). The guy’s out of lobster, but invites them to come diving for some more, and Ben and Emily jump at the opportunity. Emily gushes that she loves how spontaneous Ben is, and they try their hand at lobster catching (spoiler: they’re not very good at it). They later have a romantic candlelit dinner, and Ben asks Emily the same questions he asked Lindzi about her readiness to introduce him to her family. Emily admits the two of them lost some time the last few weeks because she kept bringing up Courtney (duh), but feels like they really made up for lost time today and she’s excited to take him home. In his talking head Ben says he likes that she’s smart and witty; but I notice he doesn’t say he’s falling for her, as he did with Lindzi.

Back at the house, Courtney’s practically having a meltdown. How could Ben take Emily, her arch nemesis that said such bad things about her, out on a date? Doesn’t he even like her anymore?? “If Emily gets a hometown it’s gonna be really unattractive to me.” Courtney decides that if she doesn’t receive the remaining one-on-one date, she will not be accepting a rose from him at the ceremony. Well, what do you know, Courtney gets her wish—Ben picks her for the last one-on-one date and she’s thrilled that “he listened to me, he knows I needed it,” while the other girls stare in disbelief at how ridiculous Courtney is. Now I bring you my new favorite part of The Bachelor: Angry Kacie B. Courtney is, like I mentioned, being annoying and outrageous as always, and Kacie B. is having NONE of it.

Ben and Courtney go explore some beautiful Mayan ruins, and Courtney confesses her plan that if she hadn’t gotten this date, she wouldn’t have accepted a rose from him, and she sure wouldn’t feel ok about bringing him home to meet her family. She whines about how hard of a day she had yesterday and that she just felt like they lost their spark. Ben, for whatever reason, cares about Courtney’s feelings and tries to reassure her of his (inexplicable) affection. As the day goes on she seems reassured, and Ben becomes certain that he can see himself spending the rest of his life with Courtney. Because, as I have said before, Ben is the MOST dumb. Actually, scratch that. By this point, I’m pretty convinced he knows exactly how Courtney is, and is inexplicably still attracted to her for it. So instead, Ben is the WEIRDEST. Courtney’s feeling pretty confident, and in a talking head says, “And snap girls, show’s over, you can all go home, pack your bags,” and finger guns us to death.

Back at the house, the remaining girls seem sure that Ben will see Courtney’s true colors on this lengthy one-on-one date, and surely she will be going home soon. They’re worried she doesn’t care about Ben and is in it for the wrong reasons, and also she’s the most annoying human being. On that subject, Ben asks Courtney about “her journey” so far; aka: Why do all the other girls hate you? Courtney claims that “since day one I’ve tried to be winning every girl over and be nice to them and complimenting them.” I have NEVER seen Courtney talk to the other girls, except to antagonize them, and certainly not to compliment them. Ever. Courtney says they’re all boring (or what you and I call “normal”) and they’re just not the kind of girls she would be friends with in real life anyway. Ben starts to realize that a life with Courtney will possibly (definitely) mean a life of people hating his lady. “One of my fears is being with a woman that I like, that ultimately…other people don’t.”

The three remaining girls—Rachel, Kacie B., and Nicki—get an early start to their group date as Ben sneaks in and wakes the girls up at 4:00 am. On a side note, we get a glimpse of one of the things I am constantly wondering about with The Bachelor: living/sleeping arrangements. In a house full of women, you just know that who everyone chooses (or is stuck with, I’m not sure) as roommates says a lot. When Ben wakes up the girls, we see that they’re split into 3 rooms with 2 girls sharing a room and bed each—Kacie B. with Lindzi, Rachel with Courtney, Nicki with Emily. On a show like this you know they have enough money to give the girls their own rooms, or at least their own beds; but probably choose to make them share both in an effort to increase tension.

Anyway, Ben takes the girls out on a boat and they see the sunrise, and he announces that the agenda for the day is to go shark diving. Nicki and Kacie B. are excited, but Rachel immediately looks like she’s about to throw up. Well, again, what do you know—Rachel is TERRIFIED of sharks. Like, will-barely-even-set-foot-in-freshwater-lakes-because-there’s-the-tiniest-chance-there-may-be-sharks afraid. Readers, surely this is all sounding far too familiar by now. I think you know where I’m going with this—so once again, she “gets” to face her fears and fall for Ben at the same time. Due to the extra consoling Rachel needs, Kacie B. and Nicki start to feel like she’s “monopolizing” Ben, but in general it’s a pretty cattiness-free trip. They all go back to the resort to enjoy some drinks poolside, and Ben pulls them each away for some alone time. They all shmooze, blah blah blah. This is the only date this week to hand out a rose and the rose goes to (no surprise) Kacie B. As the conversation moves on, Ben seems to be hinting for the girls to tell him what they think of Courtney’s alleged two-sidedness, and Nicki advises him to be cautious, and Kacie B. says to tread lightly. Nicki admits that Courtney just doesn’t seem head-over-heels for him like the rest of the girls are; and if she was, everyone would be able to see it. Ben thanks them and says he respects their opinion, but you can tell he still just isn’t quite buying it.

The girls all get ready for the cocktail party, and everyone’s really feeling the serious mood. Everyone, that is, except Courtney. She tells everyone to lighten up—after all, “Ben’s not the only guy in the world.” And the girls are all, say whaaaat??

I hate to ever come to Courtney’s defense, but…in her defense, I think she was saying that to the other girls—as in, “Don’t worry when all of you don’t get roses, you can all find someone else,”—still rude, just not trivializing her feelings for Ben per se, as the other girls thought. Chris comes in to say that Ben has his mind made up and knows exactly what he wants to do, so there’s no need to delay the inevitable—the cocktail party is cancelled and they’ll instead go straight into the rose ceremony. Courtney’s thrilled, but everyone else looks a little shaken. In a puzzling move, just as the ceremony starts, Ben asks if he could speak to Courtney real quick before he starts handing out roses. He asks her if she’s “really in it,” and she says that the only reason she’s still there is to be with Ben. This seems to be proof enough to Ben that she’s not being two-faced (???) and resumes the rose ceremony.

Kacie B. already has a rose from the group date, so there are only 3 more roses to hand out. Roses go to Nicki and Lindzi; leaving Courtney, Rachel, and Emily (who is yet AGAIN in the bottom set for what, the fourth week now?). In the end, the rose goes to Courtney. Emily was certain that if nothing else, Courtney would be going home, so she looks shocked. Rachel once again just looks like she’s going to throw up. Courtney cackles and waves her rose around as usual, and Emily and Rachel all but storm out. Even though Emily faced her fear of heights back in San Francisco and Rachel faced her fear of sharks, that’s just not good enough to cut it on Fear Factor The Bachelor.

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