Archive | January 20, 2012

Recap: 30 Rock 6×01 & 6×02 – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching & Idiots Are People Two!

I don’t know if I was more excited for the return of Liz Lemon, or to see the return of John McEnroe and D’Fwan on the show as judges on America’s Kidz Got Singing! Either way, January 12th could not come soon enough. Maybe I’m excited about 30 Rock, or maybe I’m in a good mood because I’m not being weighed down by redundant torso fabric.

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Recap: American Idol 11×02 – Planking in Pittsburgh

American Idol continued down the audition highway to Pittsburgh in the season 11 search for a superstar. This audition show was only one hour long, which is a nice length after the two hour premiere. The goal of the Pittsburgh audition, in my expert opinion, had to have been “find the most insane people we can possibly find in this city, but make sure they sing, and we’ll put them through” because the quirkiest people in the world were all over America’s televisions screens this night.

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Recap: The Bachelor 16×03

This week, San Francisco—Ben’s current city of residence—serves as the backdrop for the emotional rollercoaster that is The Bachelor. To start things off, the first date card arrives and the lucky bachelorette is…Emily! Courtney is surprised Ben’s going for the PhD student, because, “I always say this: book smart can be a little boring,” …so says […]

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