Archive | January 19, 2012

Smallville, Big Comfort

Bailey and I were talking—and by talking I mean FB chatting—about the site and what we want to do with it. One of the ways we want to be innovative in the TV blogging biz involves traveling to the past. No worries, though. In no way does it involve a frozen ship wheel or the […]

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Recap: The Golden Globe Awards

Ah, we got our first full-on glitz-and-glamour fest of the awards season with the Golden Globes on NBC last Sunday night. Head to the Golden Globes site for a full list of winners. The Globes is the only place where we get to see the combination of both TV and movies, and also celebrities spending […]

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Recap: American Idol 11×01, Year of One Thousand Dreams

American Idol is and always will be my first television love. I don’t think one single show can ever replace it in my heart as #1 or make me feel so many emotions so quickly. Having said that, I was absolutely elated when I woke up and realized, “Today is the day. Season 11.”

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