The Official Return of ABC’s Cougar Town

Fans of the best underrated sitcoms can rejoice – today ABC officially announced the return of Cougar Town, which will premier its third season on Feb 14 in the spot originally taken by the atrocity that was (so briefly) Work It. Cougar Town will fill the post-Last Man Standing spot in just a few weeks, and though a major plot arc has already been talked through, it doesn’t make the news any less great.

Thanks to an exclusive from TVline, we now know almost all of the details of Cougar Town’s long-awaited return.

The show’s episode order has been trimmed from 22 to 15, which should make everyone nervous. It looks like they want to end this one with the regular season rather than pushing it through, and I wonder what plotlines are going to get cut in the next few weeks. Hopefully we get a chock-full DVD of extras to get us through that little bit of bad news.

While it leaves us with the now-moot question of “What would have happened if Work It had been another Whitney (aka a show that, content-wise, inexplicably got a full-season order)?” If Work It had made it through the gauntlet of being a mid-season replacement, what would have happened to Jules and the gang? Though it’s irrelevant now, I still maintain that it would have been a fun summer season show – but honestly, the waiting was getting a little tedious.

Though they lost almost a third of their season, Cougar Town will indeed return in February. NBC, the ball is now once again in your court. Bring back Community.

In the meantime, though, check out this great new poster. It sounds like Cougar Town will always be the show that changed drastically during the first season and then never matched the name again (even though a rename was denied).


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3 Responses to “The Official Return of ABC’s Cougar Town”

  1. I love that line “best underrated sitcom”. I LOVE this show. I’ve been so scared it would not return.

    • Right? I don’t watch it regularly, but I know it has a huge cult following – and what a horrible way that would have been to go out, especially having filmed such an (apparently) awesome third season.

  2. I was so excited when I saw this!! I can’t wait.

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