Recap: People’s Choice Awards 2012

If you read my profile on the Meet the Writers page, you know I that love awards shows.  This time of year is basically the Christmas right after Christmas for me, because there are SO many awards shows.  Last night kicked off the awards show season with the People’s Choice Awards on CBS, hosted by bubbly Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco.  Personally, I was excited that Kaley was hosting because it meant I got to hear various celebrities say my name.

My awards show recaps will primarily be a compilation of my live tweets while watching the awards show. (If you want to see my live tweets, you know, live, then follow me on twitter at @kaileedavis)

Ok, you guys REALLY need to watch this opening bit with Neil Patrick Harris.  The man is an awards show god for a reason.  NPH antics start up at about 1:15.

Necessary Emma tripping gif.  You’re welcome.

Parks & Rec skit!

Head over to the People’s Choice Awards site to view the full list of winners.

And finally, the best picture of the night (courtesy of E! Online): 


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3 Responses to “Recap: People’s Choice Awards 2012”


  2. Ughh, would that this hoodie were a time hoodie and I could have all the time in the world to watch as many amazing TV shows as I want.

  3. I don’t know WHAT was going on with Ginnifer Goodwin’s sleeves. Wow. Also, yes, you need to watch Castle! It’s so underrated and such a great show.

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