A Big Picture Window: What to Expect

If you’re reading this, it means you’re here for the first time, and for that, I welcome you. This has been a dream pet project of mine for a while, and I finally have the time and the motivation to push through.

 A little about your founder: I’m a twenty-something living in New York City by way of Oklahoma City, a move made in late 2011. Something about college (the procrastination factor, maybe?) turned me into a television aficionado, and after years of watching at least a dozen of my favorite shows religiously, I decided it was time to put fingers to keyboard and start handing out my opinions.

But that’s enough about me, right?

When ABPW was just a twinkle in my television’s eye, I knew I didn’t want to write just another episode review blog. Yes, reviews will be posted here, but I want more than that. When I read posts about shows that I love, I always leave wanting a little bit more meat, more references to the past, more speculation with regards to the show’s past. I want a retrospective look at shows that have ended, not just a rewatch. I want more depth when it comes to character analysis – you know, I’d even just settle for a character analysis, because you really don’t see that very often. I want to read more about the shows I love from someone who has watched them intensely for years and who really knows these characters, someone who maybe cares more about what happens to her favorite characters than to some people in real life.

That’s what you’ll find here. I’ve dedicated a lot of time in the past few years to not only watching my favorite shows but really thinking about them critically and analytically. I frequently find myself being one of the few people in the room who can recall minute details and factor them into current plots and actions. Here, you’ll find that knowledge fashioned into in-depth and thoughtful posts that look into motivations, plot arcs, show and character development, and much more.

More concretely, some of the categories you’ll find here are reviews of recent episodes, commentary on specific aspects of recent episodes and seasons, relevant and important television news, rewatch blogs of completed series, commentary and analysis of past seasons and completed shows, and most importantly, a What We’re Watching calendar. And this is only the beginning – I have big plans for ABPW.

That said, I hope you’ll have a seat on our couch to be the first to see our humble blog grow and cover as much television as we possibly can. My email is always open – feel free to drop me a line at any time, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Bailey, ABPW Founder and Head Writer

Featured photo credit to Flickr user heanster.


About Bailey

I'm a writer and a feminist. I read a lot of books and I watch a lot of television.

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