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CULT: Olive Snook of Pushing Daisies

The facts were these: Another perfect show that fell prey to being too brilliant for its time, the precocious half-hour comedy that was Pushing Daisies also contained one of the best hidden gems: Olive Snook, played by Kristen Chenoweth. Welcome to CULT, the column to celebrate the best under-appreciated ladies on the small screen.

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Why I Watched: Chuck vs. The Goodbye

72 hours later and I’m still reeling from how perfect the Chuck finale was. For the show that held on by a thread for so long, it doesn’t really feel like it’s really over. As I started writing about the finale, I realized that I didn’t want to write a recap. If you watch Chuck, you know what happened. If you don’t watch Chuck, you aren’t reading a recap of the series finale. So I decided to write more about what Chuck has meant to me and to the world in the last couple of years, since that’s what really matters.

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Recap: 30 Rock 6×03 & 6×04 – Idiots Are People Three! & The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell

Since 30 Rock is squeezing a full episode line-up in a mid-season slot, we were treated to not one, but two 30 Rock episodes on Thursday! I certainly did not mind one bit. Idiots Are People Three! The first episode was a continuation of last week’s antics, but made even sweeter because it brought the return of my favorite […]

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Why I Watch: Once Upon A Time

While this Sunday eve marks the end of the weekend, it also brings us another episode of my favorite freshman drama, Once Upon A Time. Blending classical fairy tale characters with contemporary storytelling, OUAT quickly became my LOST substitute. Don’t worry 815 survivors, I said substitute. Not replacement. So before tonight’s episode, I thought I’d […]

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Small Screened: ABC’s The River, premiering Feb. 7

On Thursday night, I had the extreme pleasure of screening the first two episodes of ABC’s highly-anticipated new paranormal adventure drama The River, which airs February 7th. The plot? Beloved nature show television host Dr. Emmet Cole has disappeared without a trace into an obscure part of the Amazon while filming with a small crew, and six months later, his family has given him a funeral and all but let him go – until his rescue beacon activates in an uncharted area of the river, known among locals as the Bouina. Now the race is on to find Emmet while staying alive in a part of the Amazon with a certain slightly terrifying flair for the supernatural.

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Why I’ll Fly Pan Am Until It Crashes

This post is probably futile as Pan Am is almost sure to soon be cancelled, or at least not renewed for a second season; but I just need to profess my love for Pan Am before it really is too late.

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